CopperSpice is a C++ library derived from the Qt framework. Our goal was to change the core design of the libraries leveraging template functionality and modern C++11 capabilities.

The redesign allowed us to completely remove the Qt Meta-Object Compiler (moc) system. Moc is a code generator and did not support many aspects of C++ including templates, complex data types, static type checking, and relies heavily on string comparisons. Removing moc improves run time performance, reduces the complexity of the build process, and allows more issues to be detected at compile time.

CopperSpice currently consists of the following libraries: CsCore, CsGui, CsMultimedia, CsNetwork, CsOpenGL, CsPhonon, CsScript, CsSql, CsSvg, CsWebKit, CsXml, and CsXmlPatterns

BSD Libraries

For more information refer to our presentations from CppNow and CppCon. Presentations

Converting to CopperSpice

The process of converting to CopperSpice is simple and quick. Simply convert your Qt application header files one time using our PepperMill utility. The Makefiles from our sample KitchenSink and Diamond Editor applications can be used as a guide to create your project files.

Getting Started

The CS Overview documentation includes how to build CopperSpice, set up a CS project, and how to migrate from Qt to CopperSpice.  CS Overview Documentation

Contacting the Developers

  • For a list of issues and feature requests click the following link  Tracking System
  • Join a discussion on our forum  Forum
  • Read or ask questions on our GitHub repository  Code
  • Email the development team: info [at]