CsLibGuarded  1.2.0
Why CsLibGuarded was Created

C++ does not provide any mechanism for locking and enforcing that other code or threads will respect the boundary the mutex implies. Developers of multithreaded applications have adopted a common set of practices using mutexes and locks as a way to add barriers. This way of programming is unmaintainable. Too many errors occur when there are multi developers on a project and not everyone knows or agrees on what each mutex will represent.

The CsLibGuarded library was written to encapsulate mutexes with the data they protects.

There are several different classes to accommodate the various ways data might be accessed. By using this library your multithreading code is guaranteed to be more reliable and readable. One of the downfalls of a multithreading application is the risk of a data race or a deadlock. Using CsLibGuarded will prevent these from happening because the mutex and the data it protects are tied together.