CopperSpice Overview
Library and Plugin Deployment

The following is a list of the CopperSpice libraries.

  • CsCore
  • CsGui
  • CsMultimedia
  • CsNetwork
  • CsOpenGL
  • CsScript
  • CsSql
  • CsSvg
  • CsWebKit
  • CsXml
  • CsXmlPatterns

The following executables are part of the CopperSpice project and they are used when building CopperSpice and may be required when building your application. These programs are not used at runtime and do not need to be distributed with your application.

  • rcc.exe
  • uic.exe
  • lupdate.exe
  • lrelease.exe
  • lconvert.exe

There are various plugins which are created and distributed with the binary distribution of the CopperSpice libraries. Your application may require some of these files at run time. For ease of distribution CopperSpice provides CMake functions which are callable during your CMake installation process.

  • cs_copy_library()
  • cs_copy_plugins()

For example, if your application requires CsCore, CsGui, Gui platform plugin, and the printer plugin add the following lines to your CMake file. These files will be copied to the default folder locations as defined by CopperSpice.


For a list of the CopperSpice plugin files, default locations, how to override the path location, or how to create your own plugins refer to the CopperSpice API documentation.

Plugin Documentation