CopperSpice Overview
How to Contribute

The CopperSpice libraries are released under the GNU LGPL version 2.1 license.

If you would like to contribute to CopperSpice we truly welcome your support in testing, reporting issues, encouragement, requests, documentation, and source code contribution. We have a lot of great ideas and hopes that CopperSpice will be a useful set of GUI libraries for C++ developers.


  • If you find something which is not working as intended please post a message in the appropriate topic (issues, bug reports, etc) on our support forum. CopperSpice Forum
  • When generating a ticket provide or attach a small code sample to demonstrate how to reproduce the issue. On the ticket indicate your OS, OS Version, and the version of CopperSpice.
  • We will address issues based on severity and developer usage. Of course items which look extra fun might propagate to the top of our list.


  • Requests for new or expanded functionality will be reviewed and scheduled by priority. If more developers request the same item this will influence what is added to CopperSpice.
  • We can not guarantee when something will be added to the CopperSpice libraries.
  • If you or your company need a new feature or enhancement with a quicker response time, we are available on a consulting basis. Please feel free to contact us by email for additional information and consulting fees.

Source Code Contributions

  • We encourage developers to submit changes to CopperSpice, we welcome contributions.
  • When possible, changes to CopperSpice should be submitted as a git pull request.
  • We do ask submitted source code be readable, formatted, and tested. If you are unable to fully test on Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X, let us know with your submission. We want to ensure new code is fully tested before being released in CopperSpice.
  • Although we would like to bypass an agreement, a CLA must be signed and submitted to contribute source code.

    Our CLA is as simple and as short as we could make it. This is only required the first time you contribute.

Print it, read it, sign it, then email to us.   CLA

  • Your submission of code grants us the right to use your code in CopperSpice according to the GNU LGPL 2.1 license.