CopperSpice Overview  1.5.2
CopperSpice License

The CopperSpice libraries are released under GNU GPL version 3 and LGPL version 2.1.

Our Demos and example programs for CopperSpice are located in the KitchenSink application which is released under a BSD style license.

Your Application License

Since the CopperSpice libraries are both GPL and LGPL, you have a choice about the licensing of the applications you develop.

  • Using the CopperSpice GPL license, you must release your application under a GPL compatible license. a) You can charge for your application. b) Users of your application can ask for a copy of your source code and modify it and redistribute it.
  • Using the CopperSpice LGPL license, you can release your application as LGPL or as a closed commercial application. a) You can charge for your application. b) Users are not entitled to a copy of your source code. c) Users must be able to link your application to new versions of the LGPL libraries.

The Free Software Foundation is clear, applications which link to LGPL libraries need not be released under LGPL. The only requirement is to allow new versions of the libraries to be linked with your application. This can be satisfied by releasing your application with dynamic or shared libraries. Or, you can use static libraries and then release object modules of your application.

The following are links to substantiate this information and clarify what GPL and LGPL means.

LGPL and Java

Third Party

Some of the libraries in CopperSpice are based on third party libraries that are not licensed using the same dual-license model as CopperSpice. As a result, care must be taken when deploying applications that use these libraries, particularly when the application is statically linked to them.

The following table contains a summary of the issues developers should be aware of.

Library Dependency Licensing Issue
CsNetwork OpenSSL Some configurations of CsNetwork use OpenSSL at run-time. Deployment of OpenSSL libraries is subject to both licensing and export restrictions. Additional information can be found in the Secure Socket Layer documentation.
CSWebKit WebKit WebKit is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2 or later. This has implications for developers of closed source applications. Refer to Contributor Licenses for more information.
Phonon Phonon Phonon relies on the native multimedia engines on different platforms. Phonon itself is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2. Refer to Contributor Licenses for more information. Refer to Phonon for platform details.