CopperSpice Overview  1.5.2

The CopperSpice development team was started by Ansel Sermersheim and Barbara Geller in Half Moon Bay, California. We would like to thank the members of the SF Bay Association of C / C++ users for their advice, support, and contributions.

There are also a few people who have helped out and have elected to remain anonymous. Our deepest thanks to everyone for helping to make the CopperSpice a better open source project.

Members, Friends, and Constructors

This is a partial list of key developers for CopperSpice. We encourage anyone who wants to be part of an open source project to contribute to CopperSpice. Feel free to contact our team for more information about contributing.

Peter Bindels

  • Provides input about design choices, reviewing the current CMake build files.

de1001 (github user)

  • An MSVC user who has contributed several pull requests, done lots of testing, and is providing good suggestions.

Jan Wilmans

  • Worked very diligently to improve the CopperSpice MSVC 2017 tool chain and he found several issues which have all been corrected. Currently working on small CS samples, unit tests, and VS integration.

Zbigniew Skowron

  • Contributing changes to build CopperSpice with MSVC 2017 and testing all sorts of corner cases. His work has been invaluable and he is a great addition to the project.

Adam Mensel

  • Reviewed and helped us improve the CMake build for CopperSpice and applications like DoxyPress which use CopperSpice.

Daniel Pfeifer

  • Spent time with us at CppNow 2017 teaching us about CMake.

Ivailo Monev

  • Contributed all of the initial CMake files for CopperSpice. Many thanks and very much appreciated.

Robin Mills

  • Provided lots of great QA and beta testing in the early days. His ability to try things in ways we had not imagined was wonderful and contributed to making CopperSpice and Diamond a lot better. Our thanks and gratitude, enjoy retirement.

Jon Kalb

  • Provided encouragement and laughter when we needed it. He believes in our projects and what we are doing for the C++ community.

Tony Wills

  • Provided management information.