CopperSpice Overview  1.5.2

Phonon is a cross platform multimedia framework that enables the playback of audio and video content in CopperSpice applications.The Phonon namespace contains a list of all classes, functions and namespaces provided by the module.

Phonon Backend

The CopperSpice Phonon library requires a backend module. Backends are currently developed for Phonon version 4.1.

The Phonon project has been enhanced with new features which CopperSpice does not utilize at this time. Any features not documented in the CopperSpice API is not supported.

The backend module must be located in a folder beneath your executable or deploy directory. The folder name for the backend library must be the exact name listed in this table.

Platform Path / Backend Module
Debian phonon_backend/
Fedora phonon_backend/
Ubuntu phonon_backend/
FreeBSD phonon_backend/
Windows phonon_backend/phonon_ds9.dll
Mac OS X phonon_backend/phonon_qt7.dylib