CopperSpice Overview
Building for Mac OS X

This information pertains to building CopperSpice to develop applications on Mac OS X. To compile your applications with the CopperSpice libraries you will need to use the same utilities and compilers used to build CopperSpice.

The minimum supported version is Mac OS X 10.14.


Xcode is an IDE that contains software development tools for Mac OS X. The minimum supported version is 11.3.1 and is available for free from the App Store. To download Xcode go to the App Store and search for Xcode.


CopperSpice and applications built with CopperSpice require Apple clang version 10.0.0 or newer.

If you want to use the CMake build system you will need to install CMake, which is not supplied with Xcode. The required version information is listed in Building CopperSpice - CMake.

Use Homebrew or MacPorts to install these utilities.

  • Homebrew can be downloaded and installed from: Homebrew
  • MacPorts can be downloaded and installed from: MacPorts

Building CopperSpice

Refer to the following page for information about building CopperSpice.