CopperSpice Overview
Qt Project Files

The following code blocks were generated by Qt Creator for the 'HelloLunch' project. The first block is the Qt project file and the second block is the resource file. These files are used by QMake to create the actual Makefiles so you can compile and build your application.

The following example is part of fictitious project intended to show the syntax. For a full working program review the KitchenSink demo build files which is available on github and our download page.

In order to compile with the CopperSpice libraries your project files must be converted to use the CMake build system.

QT += core
QT += gui
TARGET = HelloLunch
SOURCES = main.cpp lunch.cpp
HEADERS = lunch.h
FORMS = lunch.ui
RESOURCES = hellolunch.qrc
TRANSLATIONS = lunch_de.ts lunch_fr.ts

// hellolunch.qrc
<qresource prefix="/">