CopperSpice Overview  1.5.2
Qt Creator Toolchain

Qt Creator can be configured to run a CopperSpice project. You will need to set up a new project and then configure your toolchain.

Once the toolchain has been set up, click on the "Run" option from the build menu or click the green arrow to build and then run your application. To run Debug, select "Start Debug" from the menu or click the green debug arrow.

Before you can build from Qt Creator you will need to run steps 1 and 2 as listed on Compile & Link. These two steps will generate the necessary files to build your application. These two steps are only done one time.

Project Setup

Use the following steps to create a new project in Qt Creator in order to build using Autotools and not QMake.

  • Create a folder where you new project will reside
  • File, New File or Project
  • Import Project, Import Existing Project
  • Enter the Project name and Project location
  • A dialog will be displayed to select any source files or folders which exist in your new project location. Check the box for anything you want visible in Qt Creator.

We do not suggest selecting or editing the Autotools *.am files in Qt Creator since it does not show tabs and spaces. These files are case sensitive and tab/space sensitive. If you are looking for a lightweight programmers editor, our Diamond Editor is a good option. A link to the source and binaries for Diamond can be found on our website. Diamond Editor

  • Select finish. The main file Qt Creator generates which you may want to modify is the YourProject.includes

Project Settings

If your application is designed to run in a terminal window you will need to check the box for "Run in Terminal" in QtCreator. Select Projects, Run, and the checkbox will be located under the Run section.

Toolchain Setup

To create your toolchain in Qt Creator add a Manual Kit from the Projects tab. We suggest you call your kit "CopperSpice" and set it as the default. This kit will be used for every project that is built with the CopperSpice libraries. The following are the kit parameters for Qt Creator on a Windows computer.


Key Value
Name CopperSpice
Device Type Desktop
Device Run locally
Compiler MinGW
Debugger GDB Engine using "C:\MingW\bin\gdb.exe"


Key Value
Build Directory F:\HelloLunch\source
Build Steps c:\Msys\bin\Make.exe, "all" is checked
Clean Steps c:\Msys\bin\Make.exe, "clean" is checked
Build Environment c:\Msys\bin;c:\MingW\bin, add to your path


Key Value
Method Deployment
Custom Process Step
  Command c:\Msys\bin\Make.exe
  Arguments install
  Working Directory %{buildDir}
  Command F:\HelloLunch\source\deploy\HelloLunch.exe
  Working Directory %{buildDir}