CopperSpice Overview

Suggested version is 5.5 or higher.

QMYSQL Stored Procedure Support

MySQL 5 introduces stored procedure support at the SQL level, but no API to control IN, OUT and INOUT parameters. Therefore, parameters have to be set and read using SQL commands instead of QSqlQuery::bindValue().

Example of a stored procedure:

create procedure qtestproc (OUT param1 INT, OUT param2 INT)
set param1 = 42;
set param2 = 43;

Source code to access the OUT values:

QSqlQuery q;
q.exec("call qtestproc (@outval1, @outval2)");
q.exec("select @outval1, @outval2");;
qDebug() << q.value(0) << q.value(1); // outputs "42" and "43"

@outval1 and @outval2 are variables local to the current connection and will not be affected by queries sent from another host or connection.

Embedded MySQL Server

The MySQL embedded server is a drop-in replacement for the normal client library. With the embedded MySQL server, a MySQL server is not required to use MySQL functionality.

To use the embedded MySQL server, simply link the plugin to libmysqld instead of libmysqlclient.

Refer to the MySQL documentation, chapter "libmysqld, the Embedded MySQL Server Library" for more information about the MySQL embedded server.