CopperSpice Overview  1.5.2
Secure Socket Layer


Support for SSL communication is provided by Open SSL

The SSL classes provide support for secure network communication using the SSL protocol to perform encryption and protocol handling. The currently supported version of OpenSSL is 1.0.1g or later.

Enabling and Disabling SSL Support

When building CopperSpice from source the configuration system checks for the presence of the {openssl/opensslv.h} header provided by OpenSSL. The build system will attempt to link with libssl and libcrypt libraries located in the default location on the developer's system. If this header is visible when CopperSpice is built the CopperSpice library will dynamically load any installed OpenSSL library at runtime.

Currently, if the header files are not found then CopperSpice will not be able to successfully build the CsNetwork library.

Licensing Information

Due to current import and export restrictions we are unable to supply the OpenSSL Toolkit with the CopperSpice prebuilt packages.

Developers who want to build CopperSpice or use SSL communication in their deployed applications should either ensure that their users have the appropriate libraries installed or they should consult a suitably qualified legal professional to ensure that applications using code from the OpenSSL project are correctly certified for import and export in relevant regions of the world.