CopperSpice Overview
Quick Start (Building CopperSpice)

The CopperSpice libraries are built with the CMake build system using the GCC, clang, or Visual Studio compiler. For a complete list of supported configurations refer to Supported Platforms.

For additional information about the build process refer to Getting Started.

Building on Unix

You may need to install additional packages. For a list of required packages refer to required packages and then select your exact platform.

As an example, if you are building CopperSpice on Ubuntu 16.04 you can use the following command to install any missing packages. These are the exact packages listed in our required package table.

$ sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev libfontconfig1-dev libglib2.0-dev
libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev libice-dev libaudio-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libc6-dev
libsm-dev libxcursor-dev libxext-dev libxfixes-dev libxi-dev libxinerama-dev libxrender-dev libxrender-dev
libxt6 libx11-dev libpulse-dev libasound2-dev