CsPaint  1.0.0
About CsPaint

Adding graphics to a C++ application should be something a knowledgeable developer can accomplish without having an interface to the low level functionality of a Graphics API. Our idea was to create a library which encapsulates the fundamental aspects of rendering graphics in a clean and clear higher level API. The library also provides hooks into various data structures of the Graphics API for extra fine tuning.

Graphics are responsible for displaying images and text on the screen in a way which is effective and meaningful to the consumer.

We choose to use Vulkan as our Graphics API since it is supported on almost every platform and has incredible flexibility. For platforms which do not have native support, such as OS X, libraries like MoltenVK can be used to bridge between the OS and Vulkan. CsPaint is a BSD licensed C++ library which provides developers the opportunity to enhance their applications by adding graphics without the need to learn what which way your windings go or what might go wrong when you get your swapchain out of sync with your render queue.


The following three videos provide an interesting timeline about the development of graphics technology starting from 1989 to present day. Other topics focus on what and who drives the graphics industry, changes in GPU design, and an overview of the various API specifications.