CsPaint  1.0.0
Build Process

The CsPaint library requires the following dependencies in order to build.

  • CMake version 3.8 or newer
  • C++17 compiler
    • GCC 7.3 or newer
    • clang 6.0 newer
  • SDL2 (only required for the demo)
    • Available from SDL2
  • Vulkan SDK 1.1 or newer

Build Structure

For a common CsPaint setup refer to the table below. You do not need to follow this structure, it is merely a suggestion. The source code should be placed in the cs_paint directory. Building should occur in the cs_paint_build directory, which you will need to create. The cs_paint_lib directory will be created during the install process.

Description Directory Name
CsPaint Source cs_paint
CsPaint Build cs_paint_build
CsPaint Install cs_paint_lib

Refer to your platform for specific information.