DoxyPress  1.4.1
  • DoxyPress assumes your header files are properly guarded against multiple inclusion and each include references a standalone file.

  • DoxyPress may not work properly if there are multiple classes, structs, or unions with the same name in your source code. The second occurrence of the classes with the same name will be ignored.

  • Sometimes the names in code fragments, which are included in the documentation, are not replaced by links. For example, when using 'SOURCE-BROWSER' = YES, links to overloaded members may point to an incorrect member. This also holds for the 'Referenced By' list which is generated for each function.

  • It is not possible to insert a non-member "function f" in "class A" using the "\\relates" or "\\relatesalso" command, if "class A" already has a member with "name f" and the same argument list.

  • Currently there is limited support for member specialization. This will be addressed as well as full support for newer versions of C++.

  • Not all special commands are properly translated to RTF.

  • Version 1.8.6 of the dot program may not generate proper map files. This causes the graphs DoxyPress generates not to be properly clickable.

  • DoxyPress requires all PHP statements in source code to be wrapped in a function or method.

Reporting a Problem

Trouble tickets are tracked using our support form.

Post a message in the appropriate topic (issues, bug reports, wish list, etc) on our support forum DoxyPress Forum

When reporting a problem be sure to include the following information:

  • The version of DoxyPress or DoxyPressApp
  • Your operating system name and version
  • A detailed description of your issue
  • A small sample or copy of your project file which can be used to repeat the problem