CopperSpice Build Objectives

One of the key objectives for CopperSpice was to create a stand alone library. Our desire was to build CopperSpice with a standard build system which has cross platform compatibility and flexibility. Software portability and an effective build system are crucial aspects of modern software applications.

CopperSpice uses Autoconf and Automake, which are part of the Autotools system. CopperSpice also uses GNU Make.

Autotools & Make

Autotools is a suite of programming tools designed to assist in making source code packages portable to many Unix-like systems. The GNU build system uses Bourne-compatible shell scripts to assist the user in the configuration and build process.

Autoconf is a tool used for producing configure scripts for building, installing, and packaging software. This tool makes your packages portable by performing tests to discover system characteristics, before the package is compiled. Your source code can be modified to leverage platform specific features.

Automake is a tool for generating a portable 'Makefile' of what to build. Automake substantially simplifies the process of describing the organization of a package and performs additional functions such as dependency tracking between source files.

GNU Make