CopperSpice Documentation

The Overview documentation includes details on how to build and install from source, where to find the prebuilt binary files, and how to configure a CopperSpice project. There is also information about migrating to CopperSpice, Getting Started, FAQ, and a timeline showing the development of the project.

Overview documentation  CopperSpice Overview

The API documentation includes details about every class and associated methods. There are also a large number of tutorials covering topics such as Signals/Slots, Strings, Networking, and Widgets.

API documentation  CopperSpice API

Install CopperSpice - Prebuilt Binaries

The CopperSpice binaries contain the DLLs or shared libraries needed to compile and distribute your C++ application. The documentation to install CopperSpice on X11, Windows, and OS X can be found on our web site.

Refer to Installing CopperSpice

The binaries for CopperSpice can be downloaded from CopperSpice Binaries

Building CopperSpice - From Source

The build process for the CopperSpice libraries is slightly different depending on the platform it will be hosted on, or the platform your CopperSpice application will be run on. The documentation to download and build CopperSpice from source can be found on our web site.

Refer to Building CopperSpice

The source code for CopperSpice can be downloaded from the following link CopperSpice Downloads

Repository for the current source is hosted on CopperSpice Github

Project Status

For a list of issues and feature requests for CopperSpice refer to CopperSpice Github Issues