KitchenSink is a standalone MDI program which combines multiple demos into one executable. Several of the demos are enhanced examples from Qt and others are new demos we designed and developed. The purpose of the KitchenSink application is to demonstrate how to use the CopperSpice libraries and how to build and deploy an application using CopperSpice.

The source distribution includes all source, header files, and Makefiles.

  • Audio/Web
    • Music Player
    • Video Widget
    • HTML Viewer
  • Samples
    • Color Selector
    • Font Selector
    • Basic Drawing
    • International Translations
    • Standard Dialogs
    • Standard Paths
    • Style Sheets
    • XML
    • XML Patterns
  • Networking
    • Chat Messaging
    • SSL Client
  • Views
    • Table View
    • Tree View
    • List View
    • Table Widget
  • Widgets
    • Calendar
    • Line Edit
    • Sliders
    • Tabs, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes
  • Graphics
    • Analog Clock
    • Animated Tiles
    • Fridge Magnets
    • Lighting
    • Mandelbrot
    • Screen Shot

The source and binaries for X11, Windows and OS X can be downloaded from the following link: KitchenSink