Installing MinGW-w64

Compiling on Windows

The MinGW-w64 project includes a compiled version of GCC which runs on Windows. Since this project does not rely on any runtime DLL files it is not necessary to distribute the source code with applications built using this compiler.

The CopperSpice MinGW-CS distribution is built with the aim of providing an efficient and easy to use development environment for both new and experienced developers.

Our distribution of MinGW and the POSIX utilities does not use the old msys files, msys2, or cygwin. Every program has been compiled using the current source code downloaded directly from the upstream projects. Please ensure you do not have msys, msys2 or cygwin in your path.

The CopperSpice MinGW-w64 distribution includes the GCC compiler for Windows, Autotools build system, and the majority of POSIX utilities used by developers.

Windows does not provide a Bourne shell as a standard component. In order to build CopperSpice a shell program is typically used to configure and build C++ applications.


Version 10.4

The binary distribuiton zip file is located on github under releases.   MinGW 64-bit Binary Distribution

Download and then extract the zip file to the suggested location of /c/MinGW_64_10.4. Since the executable is located in the bin directory you will need to add /c/MinGW_64_10.4/bin/ to your bash profile or path.