The PepperMill utility is a translator and is run one time on your C++ header files. It will convert your application header files to standard C++ header files and change the syntax of Signal and Slot Declarations. The conversion will update your existing code to work with CopperSpice.

The following steps are required to convert a Qt application to one using CopperSpice:

  • Convert your application header files
    Use the PepperMill utility to convert your header files to C++

    (This step is done only one time)

  • Update or create project build files
    For examples of existing CMake build files refer to the following links.

    KitchenSink Application
    Sample Project

    (This step is done only one time)

For additional information about PepperMill, refer to PepperMill Documentation

The source and binaries for X11, Windows and OS X can be downloaded from the following link: PepperMill Utility