The PepperMill utility is a translator and is run one time on your C++ header files. It will convert your application header files to standard C++ header files and change the syntax of Signal and Slot Declarations. The conversion will update your existing code to work with CopperSpice.

The following steps are required to convert a Qt application to one using CopperSpice:

  • Convert your application header files
    Use the PepperMill utility to convert your header files to C++

    (This step is done only one time)

  • Create project Makefiles
    Refer to our KitchenSink demo for a working sample of and

    (This step is done only one time)

  • Run make to create and build your application

For additional information about PepperMill, refer to PepperMill Documentation

The source and binaries for X11, Windows and OS X can be downloaded from the following link: PepperMill Utility