CopperSpice API  1.8.2
QFlags< E > Member List

This is the complete list of members for QFlags< E >, including all inherited members.

QFlags()QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
QFlags(EmptyFlag_Type)QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
QFlags(std::nullptr_t)QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
QFlags(std::initializer_list< E > list)QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
QFlags(E value)QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
QFlags(const QFlags &other)QFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
enum_type typedefQFlags< E >
operator int_type() constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator!() constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator&(sint_type mask) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator&(uint_type mask) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator&(E value) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator&=(sint_type mask)QFlags< E >inline
operator&=(uint_type mask)QFlags< E >inline
operator=(const QFlags &other)QFlags< E >inline
operator^(QFlags other) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator^(E value) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator^=(QFlags other)QFlags< E >inline
operator^=(E value)QFlags< E >inline
operator|(QFlags other) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator|(E value) constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
operator|=(QFlags other)QFlags< E >inline
operator|=(E value)QFlags< E >inline
operator~() constQFlags< E >inlineconstexpr
testFlag(E value) constQFlags< E >inline