CopperSpice API  1.9.1
Here is a list of all components:
 AccessibilityGroup of classes which connect to the operating system accessibility functionality
 AlgorithmsHeader file which contains a variety of generic template algorithms
 AnimationDiscussion about the animation system
 Application Main WindowList of widgets used to create the main window
 Drag and DropClasses used to transfer data between applications
 Drawing Utility FunctionsHeader file which includes low level drawing functions
 Endian FunctionsFunctions to convert between little and big endian representations of numbers
 Event ClassesList of classes used to control system events
 Global DeclarationsHeader file for fundamental global declarations
 Graphics ViewList of classes for managing 2D graphic widgets
 Help SystemVariety of classes for displaying help information
 InternationalizationExplanation regarding how to adapt a program which needs to support multiple written languages
 Implicit SharingDiscussion about implicit sharing or copy on write
 Input/Output ClassesUsed for reading and writing files and directories
 JSON SupportClasses for reading and writing JSON syntax
 Layout ManagementSet of classes which are used to arrange child widgets on a parent
 Math FunctionsHeader which provides various math functions
 Model/View ClassesClasses which provide a model view abstraction
 Painting SystemInformation and details about how widgets are drawn
 Platform SupportClasses which provide platform specific functionality
 Plugin ClassesList of classes used to create the plugin system
 Printing ClassesClasses used for printing
 CsCoreContainers, Strings, Date/Time, and low level classes used in most applications
 CsGuiCollection of classes which are used to implement a Graphical User Interface
 CsMultimediaClasses which support audio, camera, and video
 CsNetworkClasses to support low level networking capabilities
 CsOpenGLBindings for the OpenGL API
 CsScriptClasses for executing Scripts
 CsSqlClient drivers used to connect to a database server
 CsSvgClasses for displaying the contents of an SVG file
 CsVulkanBindings for the Vulkan API
 CsWebKitClasses for displaying and editing Web content
 CsXmlSupport for reading and writing files in an XML format
 CsXmlPatternsXQuery, XPath, XSLT, and XML validation
 Rendering in 3DClasses which support drawing 3D widgets
 Rich Text ProcessingDescription about classes for processing formatted text
 Scriptable ApplicationsClasses to support application scripting with ECMAScript
 Secure Socket Layer ClassesSupport for the SSL and TLS network protocols
 State MachineInformation about implementing a user defined state machine
 MultithreadingClasses which are used when writing a multi-threaded application
 UnicodeExplanation about the most widely accepted standard for encoding text