CopperSpice API  1.9.1
QGLColormap Member List

This is the complete list of members for QGLColormap, including all inherited members.

QGLColormap(const QGLColormap &other)QGLColormap
entryColor(int idx) constQGLColormap
entryRgb(int idx) constQGLColormap
find(QRgb color) constQGLColormap
findNearest(QRgb color) constQGLColormap
isEmpty() constQGLColormap
operator=(const QGLColormap &other)QGLColormap
setEntries(int count, const QRgb *colors, int base=0)QGLColormap
setEntry(int idx, QRgb color)QGLColormap
setEntry(int idx, const QColor &color)QGLColormap
size() constQGLColormap