CopperSpice API  1.7.4
QLineF Member List

This is the complete list of members for QLineF, including all inherited members.

IntersectType enum nameQLineF
QLineF() = defaultQLineFdefault
QLineF(const QPointF &point1, const QPointF &point2)QLineFinline
QLineF(qreal x1, qreal y1, qreal x2, qreal y2)QLineFinline
QLineF(const QLine &line)QLineFinline
angle() constQLineF
angle(const QLineF &lineF) constQLineFdeprecated
angleTo(const QLineF &lineF) constQLineF
dx() constQLineFinline
dy() constQLineFinline
fromPolar(qreal length, qreal angle)QLineFstatic
intersect(const QLineF &lineF, QPointF *intersectionPoint) constQLineF
isNull() constQLineF
length() constQLineF
normalVector() constQLineFinline
operator!=(const QLineF &lineF) constQLineFinline
operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QLineF &lineF)QLineFrelated
operator==(const QLineF &lineF) constQLineFinline
operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QLineF &lineF)QLineFrelated
p1() constQLineFinline
p2() constQLineFinline
pointAt(qreal pos) constQLineFinline
setAngle(qreal angle)QLineF
setLength(qreal length)QLineFinline
setLine(qreal x1, qreal y1, qreal x2, qreal y2)QLineFinline
setP1(const QPointF &point)QLineFinline
setP2(const QPointF &point)QLineFinline
setPoints(const QPointF &point1, const QPointF &point2)QLineFinline
toLine() constQLineFinline
translate(const QPointF &offset)QLineFinline
translate(qreal dx, qreal dy)QLineFinline
translated(const QPointF &offset) constQLineFinline
translated(qreal dx, qreal dy) constQLineFinline
unitVector() constQLineF
x1() constQLineFinline
x2() constQLineFinline
y1() constQLineFinline
y2() constQLineFinline