CopperSpice API  1.7.4
QMatrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for QMatrix, including all inherited members.

QMatrix(qreal m11, qreal m12, qreal m21, qreal m22, qreal dx, qreal dy)QMatrix
QMatrix(const QMatrix &other)QMatrix
determinant() constQMatrixinline
dx() constQMatrixinline
dy() constQMatrixinline
inverted(bool *invertible=nullptr) constQMatrix
isIdentity() constQMatrixinline
isInvertible() constQMatrixinline
m11() constQMatrixinline
m12() constQMatrixinline
m21() constQMatrixinline
m22() constQMatrixinline
map(int x, int y, int *tx, int *ty) constQMatrix
map(qreal x, qreal y, qreal *tx, qreal *ty) constQMatrix
map(const QPoint &point) constQMatrix
map(const QPointF &point) constQMatrix
map(const QLine &line) constQMatrix
map(const QLineF &line) constQMatrix
map(const QPolygonF &polygon) constQMatrix
map(const QPolygon &polygon) constQMatrix
map(const QRegion &region) constQMatrix
map(const QPainterPath &path) constQMatrix
mapRect(const QRect &rect) constQMatrix
mapRect(const QRectF &rect) constQMatrix
mapToPolygon(const QRect &rect) constQMatrix
operator QVariant() constQMatrix
operator!=(const QMatrix &matrix) constQMatrix
operator*(const QMatrix &matrix) constQMatrix
operator*(const QPoint &point, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QPointF &point, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QLineF &line, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QLine &line, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QPolygon &polygon, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QPolygonF &polygon, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QRegion &region, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*(const QPainterPath &path, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator*=(const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrix
operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
operator=(const QMatrix &other)QMatrix
operator==(const QMatrix &matrix) constQMatrix
operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QMatrix &matrix)QMatrixrelated
qFuzzyCompare(const QMatrix &m1, const QMatrix &m2)QMatrixrelated
rotate(qreal degrees)QMatrix
scale(qreal sx, qreal sy)QMatrix
setMatrix(qreal m11, qreal m12, qreal m21, qreal m22, qreal dx, qreal dy)QMatrix
shear(qreal sh, qreal sv)QMatrix
translate(qreal dx, qreal dy)QMatrix