CopperSpice API  1.8.2
QSet< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for QSet< T >, including all inherited members.

Java_Iterator typedefQSet< T >
Java_MutableIterator typedefQSet< T >
QSet() = defaultQSet< T >default
QSet(const QSet< T > &other) = defaultQSet< T >default
QSet(QSet< T > &&other) = defaultQSet< T >default
QSet(std::initializer_list< T > args)QSet< T >inline
QSet(Input_Iterator first, Input_Iterator last)QSet< T >
allocator_type typedefQSet< T >
begin()QSet< T >inline
begin() constQSet< T >inline
capacity() constQSet< T >inline
cbegin() constQSet< T >inline
cend() constQSet< T >inline
clear()QSet< T >inline
constBegin() constQSet< T >inline
constEnd() constQSet< T >inline
constFind(const T &value) constQSet< T >inline
const_iterator typedefQSet< T >
const_pointer typedefQSet< T >
const_reference typedefQSet< T >
contains(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
contains(const T &value) constQSet< T >inline
count() constQSet< T >inline
difference_type typedefQSet< T >
empty() constQSet< T >inline
end()QSet< T >inline
end() constQSet< T >inline
erase(const key_type &key)QSet< T >inline
erase(const_iterator pos)QSet< T >inline
erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last)QSet< T >inline
find(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
find(const T &value) constQSet< T >inline
fromList(const QList< T > &list)QSet< T >static
hasher typedefQSet< T >
insert(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
intersect(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
intersects(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
isEmpty() constQSet< T >inline
iterator typedefQSet< T >
key_equal typedefQSet< T >
key_type typedefQSet< T >
operator!=(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator&(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator&=(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
operator&=(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
operator+(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator+=(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
operator+=(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
operator-(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator-=(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
operator-=(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
operator<<(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QSet< T > &set)QSet< T >related
operator=(const QSet< T > &other) = defaultQSet< T >default
operator=(QSet< T > &&other) = defaultQSet< T >default
operator==(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QSet< T > &set)QSet< T >related
operator|(const QSet< T > &other) constQSet< T >inline
operator|=(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
operator|=(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
pointer typedefQSet< T >
reference typedefQSet< T >
remove(const T &value)QSet< T >inline
reserve(size_type size)QSet< T >inline
size() constQSet< T >inline
size_type typedefQSet< T >
squeeze()QSet< T >inline
subtract(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
swap(QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
toList() constQSet< T >
unite(const QSet< T > &other)QSet< T >inline
value_type typedefQSet< T >
values() constQSet< T >inline