CopperSpice API  1.7.4
QSharedPointer< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for QSharedPointer< T >, including all inherited members.

QMakeShared(Args &&...args)QSharedPointer< T >related
QSharedPointer()QSharedPointer< T >inline
QSharedPointer(T *ptr)QSharedPointer< T >inlineexplicit
QSharedPointer(T *ptr, Deleter deleter)QSharedPointer< T >inline
QSharedPointer(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
QSharedPointer(const QSharedPointer< X > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
QSharedPointer(const QWeakPointer< X > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
Type typedefQSharedPointer< T >
clear()QSharedPointer< T >inline
constCast() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
const_pointer typedefQSharedPointer< T >
const_reference typedefQSharedPointer< T >
create(Args &&...arguments)QSharedPointer< T >inlinestatic
data() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
difference_type typedefQSharedPointer< T >
dynamicCast() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
element_type typedefQSharedPointer< T >
isNull() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
objectCast() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
operator RestrictedBool() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
operator!() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
operator!=(const QSharedPointer< T > &ptr1, const QSharedPointer< X > &ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
operator!=(const QSharedPointer< T > &ptr1, const X *ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
operator!=(const T *ptr1, const QSharedPointer< X > &ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
operator*() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
operator->() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
operator=(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
operator=(QSharedPointer< T > &&other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
operator=(const QSharedPointer< X > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
operator=(const QWeakPointer< X > &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
operator==(const QSharedPointer< T > &ptr1, const QSharedPointer< X > &ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
operator==(const QSharedPointer< T > &ptr1, const X *ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
operator==(const T *ptr1, const QSharedPointer< X > &ptr2)QSharedPointer< T >related
pointer typedefQSharedPointer< T >
qSharedPointerCast(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >related
qSharedPointerConstCast(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >related
qSharedPointerDynamicCast(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >related
qSharedPointerObjectCast(const QSharedPointer< T > &other)QSharedPointer< T >related
reference typedefQSharedPointer< T >
reset()QSharedPointer< T >inline
reset(T *value)QSharedPointer< T >inline
reset(T *value, Deleter deleter)QSharedPointer< T >inline
staticCast() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
swap(QSharedPointer &other)QSharedPointer< T >inline
toWeakRef() constQSharedPointer< T >inline
value_type typedefQSharedPointer< T >
~QSharedPointer()QSharedPointer< T >inline