CopperSpice API  1.8.2
QStringList Member List

This is the complete list of members for QStringList, including all inherited members.

Java_Iterator typedefQList< QString >
Java_MutableIterator typedefQList< QString >
QList() = defaultQList< QString >default
QList(const QList< QString > &other) = defaultQList< QString >default
QList(QList< QString > &&other) = defaultQList< QString >default
QList(std::initializer_list< QString > args)QList< QString >inline
QList(Input_Iterator first, Input_Iterator last)QList< QString >inline
QStringList(const QString &value)QStringListinlineexplicit
QStringList(const QStringList &other)QStringListinline
QStringList(const QList< QString > &other)QStringListinline
QStringList(std::initializer_list< QString > args)QStringListinline
allocator_type typedefQList< QString >
append(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
append(QString &&value)QList< QString >inline
append(const QList< QString > &other)QList< QString >inline
append(QList< QString > &&other)QList< QString >inline
at(size_type i) constQList< QString >inline
back()QList< QString >inline
back() constQList< QString >inline
begin()QList< QString >inline
begin() constQList< QString >inline
cbegin() constQList< QString >inline
cend() constQList< QString >inline
clear()QList< QString >inline
constBegin() constQList< QString >inline
constEnd() constQList< QString >inline
constFirst() constQList< QString >inline
constLast() constQList< QString >inline
const_iterator typedefQList< QString >
const_pointer typedefQList< QString >
const_reference typedefQList< QString >
const_reverse_iterator typedefQList< QString >
contains(const QString &str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs=Qt::CaseSensitive) constQStringList
QList< QString >::contains(const QString &value) constQList< QString >
count(const QString &value) constQList< QString >
count() constQList< QString >inline
crbegin() constQList< QString >inline
crend() constQList< QString >inline
difference_type typedefQList< QString >
empty() constQList< QString >inline
end()QList< QString >inline
end() constQList< QString >inline
endsWith(const QString &value) constQList< QString >inline
erase(const_iterator begin, const_iterator end)QList< QString >inline
erase(const_iterator pos)QList< QString >inline
filter(const QString &str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs=Qt::CaseSensitive) constQStringList
filter(const QRegularExpression8 &rx) constQStringList
first()QList< QString >inline
first() constQList< QString >inline
fromSet(const QSet< QString > &set)QList< QString >static
fromStdList(const std::list< QString > &other)QList< QString >inlinestatic
fromVector(const QVector< QString > &vector)QList< QString >static
front()QList< QString >inline
front() constQList< QString >inline
indexOf(const QRegularExpression8 &rx, int from=0) constQStringList
indexOf(QRegularExpression8 &rx, int from=0) constQStringList
QList< QString >::indexOf(const QString &value, size_type from=0) constQList< QString >inline
insert(size_type i, const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
insert(iterator before, const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
isEmpty() constQList< QString >inline
iterator typedefQList< QString >
join(const QString &separator) constQStringList
last()QList< QString >inline
last() constQList< QString >inline
lastIndexOf(const QRegularExpression8 &rx, int from=-1) constQStringList
lastIndexOf(QRegularExpression8 &rx, int from=-1) constQStringList
QList< QString >::lastIndexOf(const QString &value, size_type from=-1) constQList< QString >inline
length() constQList< QString >inline
mid(size_type pos, size_type length=-1) constQList< QString >
move(size_type from, size_type to)QList< QString >inline
operator!=(const QList< QString > &other) constQList< QString >inline
operator+(const QStringList &other) constQStringListinline
QList< QString >::operator+(const QList< QString > &other) constQList< QString >inline
operator+=(const QList< QString > &other)QList< QString >inline
operator+=(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
operator<(const QList< QString > &lhs, const QList< QString > &rhs)QList< QString >related
operator<<(const QString &str)QStringListinline
operator<<(const QStringList &other)QStringListinline
operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QStringList &list)QStringListrelated
QList< QString >::operator<<(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
QList< QString >::operator<<(const QList< QString > &other)QList< QString >inline
QList< QString >::operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QList< QString > &list)QList< QString >related
operator<=(const QList< QString > &lhs, const QList< QString > &rhs)QList< QString >related
operator=(const QStringList &other)QStringListinline
QList< QString >::operator=(const QList< QString > &other) = defaultQList< QString >default
QList< QString >::operator=(QList< QString > &&other) = defaultQList< QString >default
operator==(const QList< QString > &other) constQList< QString >inline
operator>(const QList< QString > &lhs, const QList< QString > &rhs)QList< QString >related
operator>=(const QList< QString > &lhs, const QList< QString > &rhs)QList< QString >related
operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QStringList &list)QStringListrelated
QList< QString >::operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QList< QString > &list)QList< QString >related
operator[](size_type i) constQList< QString >inline
operator[](size_type i)QList< QString >inline
pointer typedefQList< QString >
pop_back()QList< QString >inline
pop_front()QList< QString >inline
prepend(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
push_back(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
push_front(const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
rbegin()QList< QString >inline
rbegin() constQList< QString >inline
reference typedefQList< QString >
removeAll(const QString &value)QList< QString >
removeAt(size_type i)QList< QString >inline
removeFirst()QList< QString >inline
removeLast()QList< QString >inline
removeOne(const QString &value)QList< QString >
rend()QList< QString >inline
rend() constQList< QString >inline
replace(size_type i, const QString &value)QList< QString >inline
replaceInStrings(const QString &before, const QString &after, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs=Qt::CaseSensitive)QStringList
replaceInStrings(const QRegularExpression8 &rx, const QString &after)QStringList
resize(size_type size)QList< QString >inline
reverse_iterator typedefQList< QString >
size() constQList< QString >inline
size_type typedefQList< QString >
startsWith(const QString &value) constQList< QString >inline
swap(QList< QString > &other)QList< QString >inline
swap(size_type i, size_type j)QList< QString >inline
takeAt(size_type i)QList< QString >inline
takeFirst()QList< QString >inline
takeLast()QList< QString >inline
toSet() constQList< QString >
toStdList() constQList< QString >inline
toVector() constQList< QString >
value(size_type i) constQList< QString >
value(size_type i, const QString &defaultValue) constQList< QString >
value_type typedefQList< QString >
~QList() = defaultQList< QString >default