CopperSpice API  1.7.4
QUuid Member List

This is the complete list of members for QUuid, including all inherited members.

QUuid(uint l, ushort w1, ushort w2, uchar b1, uchar b2, uchar b3, uchar b4, uchar b5, uchar b6, uchar b7, uchar b8)QUuidinlineconstexpr
QUuid(const QString &text)QUuid
QUuid(const QByteArray &text)QUuid
QUuid(const GUID &guid)QUuidinlineconstexpr
Variant enum nameQUuid
Version enum nameQUuid
createUuidV3(const QUuid &ns, const QByteArray &baseData)QUuidstatic
createUuidV3(const QUuid &ns, const QString &baseData)QUuidinlinestatic
createUuidV5(const QUuid &ns, const QByteArray &baseData)QUuidstatic
createUuidV5(const QUuid &ns, const QString &baseData)QUuidinlinestatic
fromRfc4122(const QByteArray &bytes)QUuidstatic
isNull() constQUuid
operator GUID() constQUuidinline
operator!=(const QUuid &other) constQUuidinlineconstexpr
operator!=(const GUID &guid) constQUuidinlineconstexpr
operator<(const QUuid &other) constQUuid
operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QUuid &id)QUuidrelated
operator=(const GUID &guid)QUuidinlineconstexpr
operator==(const QUuid &other) constQUuidinlineconstexpr
operator==(const GUID &guid) constQUuidinlineconstexpr
operator>(const QUuid &other) constQUuid
operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QUuid &id)QUuidrelated
toByteArray() constQUuid
toRfc4122() constQUuid
toString() constQUuid
variant() constQUuid
version() constQUuid