CopperSpice API  1.8.2
QWeakPointer< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for QWeakPointer< T >, including all inherited members.

ElementType typedefQWeakPointer< T >
Pointer typedefQWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer()QWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer(const QWeakPointer< U > &other)QWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer(T *p)QWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer(const QWeakPointer< T > &other)QWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer(QWeakPointer< T > &&other)QWeakPointer< T >
QWeakPointer(const QSharedPointer< U > &p)QWeakPointer< T >
clear() noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
data() const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
element_type typedefQWeakPointer< T >
expired() const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
isNull() constQWeakPointer< T >
operator bool() const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >explicitnoexcept
operator!() constQWeakPointer< T >
operator!=(const QWeakPointer< T1 > &ptr1, const QSharedPointer< T2 > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator!=(const QSharedPointer< T1 > &ptr1, const QWeakPointer< T2 > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator!=(const QWeakPointer< T > &ptr1, std::nullptr_t)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator!=(std::nullptr_t, const QWeakPointer< T > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator=(const QWeakPointer< T > &other)QWeakPointer< T >
operator=(QWeakPointer< T > &&other)QWeakPointer< T >
operator=(const QSharedPointer< U > &p) noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
operator==(const QWeakPointer< T1 > &ptr1, const QSharedPointer< T2 > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator==(const QSharedPointer< T1 > &ptr1, const QWeakPointer< T2 > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator==(const QWeakPointer< T > &ptr1, std::nullptr_t)QWeakPointer< T >related
operator==(std::nullptr_t, const QWeakPointer< T > &ptr2)QWeakPointer< T >related
owner_before(const QSharedPointer< U > &p) const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
owner_before(const QWeakPointer< U > &p) const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
pointer typedefQWeakPointer< T >
toStrongRef() const noexceptQWeakPointer< T >noexcept
~QWeakPointer()QWeakPointer< T >