CopperSpice API  1.7.2
Creating Main Windows in Designer

Qt Designer can be used to create user interfaces for different purposes, and it provides different kinds of form templates for each user interface. The main window template is used to create application windows with menu bars, toolbars, and dock widgets.

Create a new main window by opening the File menu and selecting the New Form... option, or by pressing Ctrl+N. Then, select the Main Window template. This template provides a main application window containing a menu bar and a toolbar by default – these can be removed if they are not required.

If you remove the menu bar, a new one can be created by selecting the Create Menu Bar option from the context menu, obtained by right-clicking within the main window form.

An application can have only one menu bar, but several toolbars.


Menus are added to the menu bar by modifying the Type Here placeholders. One of these is always present for editing purposes, and will not be displayed in the preview or in the finished window.

Once created, the properties of a menu can be accessed using the Property Editor, and each menu can be accessed for this purpose via the The Object Inspector.

Existing menus can be removed by opening a context menu over the label in the menu bar, and selecting Remove Menu 'menu_name'.