CopperSpice API  1.7.4
Creating a Main Window

All GUI applications will have some main window and it usually will contain a menu bar, toolbar, and then possibly a tab control or docked widgets. The exact control used for the main window depends on the features of your applications. To create your main window the Designer program provides a variety of templates. These forms serve as a good starting point for your new user interface.

To create a new main window open the File menu and select New Form... or press Ctrl+N. A new form dialog will be displayed. Select the Main Window template if your application will be using tool bars, dockable windows, or a status bar. If you need only need a menu bar and child widgets then select the Widget template.

Child Windows

It is very likely options from the menu bar in your application will open a child window. To create these windows use the same new form feature and select one of the Dialog templates or a control in the Widgets section.


Menu elements are added to the menu bar by modifying the Type Here placeholder. The properties of a menu can be modified from the Property Editor and the Object Inspector.

An application can have only one menu bar however there can be several toolbars.