CopperSpice API  1.7.2
Dialog Windows

Dialogs can be modal, in which case the user is required to provide necessary information before work in the main window can continue, or modeless. Modeless dialogs do not prevent the user from interacting with any of the other windows in the application.

CopperSpice provides a set of dialogs for file, font, color-selection and more.

QColorDialog Dialog widget for specifying colors
QFileDialog Dialog that allow users to select files or directories
QFontDialog Dialog widget for selecting a font
QInputDialog Simple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user
QMessageBox Modal dialog for informing the user or for asking the user a question and receiving an answer
QPageSetupDialog Configuration dialog for the page-related options on a printer
QPrintDialog Dialog for specifying the printer's configuration
QPrintPreviewDialog Dialog for previewing and configuring page layouts for printer output
QProgressDialog Feedback on the progress of a slow operation

Custom dialogs can be easily created by composing regular widgets into a QDialog. These classes are specifically designed for building custom dialogs:

QDialog The base class of dialog windows
QDialogButtonBox Widget that presents buttons in a layout that is appropriate to the current widget style