CopperSpice API  1.8.1

Multimedia support in CopperSpice is provided by the CsMultimedia library. This library provides access to platform multimedia capabilities such as media playback, camera, and radio devices.

The following list shows some of the operations available in CsMultimedia, depending on your target platform.

  • Access raw audio devices for input and output
  • Play low latency sound effects
  • Play media files in playlists, such as compressed audio or video files
  • Record audio and compress it
  • Tune and listen to radio stations
  • Use a camera, including viewfinder, image capture, and movie recording
  • Decode audio media files into memory for processing
  • Accessing video frames or audio buffers as they are played or recorded

Multimedia Components

The API for CsMultimedia can be separated into four main components.


The following information is a guide for which classes in CsMultimedia can be used to do a particular task.

Use Case Class
Accessing raw audio input data QAudioInput
Discovering raw audio devices QAudioDeviceInfo
Playing low latency audio QAudioOutput
Playing encoded audio, MP3, AAC, etc QMediaPlayer
Playing a sound QSoundEffect
Recording encoded audio data QAudioRecorder
Video playback QMediaPlayer, QVideoWidget, QGraphicsVideoItem
Video processing QMediaPlayer, QAbstractVideoSurface, QVideoFrame