CopperSpice API  1.7.2
WebKit Netscape Plugins

Netscape plugin support is only available on desktop platforms.

Since WebKit supports the Netscape Plugin API, CopperSpice applications can display Web pages that embed common plugins on platforms for which those plugins are available. To enable plugin support, the user must have the appropriate binary files for those plugins installed and the QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled attribute must be enabled for the application.

The following locations are searched for plugins:

Linux/Unix (X11)
  • .mozilla/plugins in the user's home directory
  • .netscape/plugins in the user's home directory
  • System locations, such as
    • /usr/lib/browser/plugins
    • /usr/local/lib/mozilla/plugins
    • /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
    • /usr/lib64/browser-plugins
    • /usr/lib/browser-plugins
    • /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    • /usr/local/netscape/plugins
    • /opt/mozilla/plugins
    • /opt/mozilla/lib/plugins
    • /opt/netscape/plugins
    • /opt/netscape/communicator/plugins
    • /usr/lib/netscape/plugins
    • /usr/lib/netscape/plugins-libc5
    • /usr/lib/netscape/plugins-libc6
    • /usr/lib64/netscape/plugins
    • /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins
  • Locations specified by environment variables:
    • $MOZILLA_HOME/plugins
  • The user's Application Data\Mozilla\plugins directory
  • Standard system locations of plugins for Quicktime, Flash, etc.
Mac OS X
  • Library/Internet Plug-Ins in the user's home directory
  • The system /Library/Internet Plug-Ins directory