CopperSpice API  1.8.2
CS Linguist Application

CopperSpice provides support for translating applications into local languages. Internationalization is accomplished in a CopperSpice program by marking various strings which can be translated to another language. The localization process is what provides the translations or adjustments to number and date formats.

Overview of the Translation Process

Most of the text which developers want to translate are single words or short phrases. These are typically things like window titles, menu items, labels on buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons. These phrases are part of the source code and usually appear in the programmer's native language. Special syntax can be used to mark which phrases can be translated.

The Linguist application provides a convenient GUI interface to assist the person who will enter the translations. A Translator can open the translation files, enter the translated text, and then save the results. There is also a phrase book facility to help ensure consistent translations across multiple applications and projects.

During the build process for a user application the TS translation file is compiled into a QM format. This latter file should be released with your application.

Refer to Modifying Your Source Code for Translation for additional information.