CopperSpice Overview
Building for Windows (MinGW)

CopperSpice and your application can be developed on Windows using the GCC compiler from the MinGW-w64 project. In addition to the MinGW compiler there are POSIX utilities which provide functionality not available in a standard Windows environment.

The CopperSpice project provides a modern distribution which includes the MinGW-w64 compiler, debugger, make, openssl, command line utilities, compression utilities, and file utilities.

Our distribution of MinGW and the POSIX utilities do not link with msys2 or cygwin. The executables have been compiled from current source which was downloaded from the respective upstream project. You should ensure msys2 and cygwin are not in your path.

  MinGW-w64 Download

Path Setup

The Windows system environment path contains a list of where to search for applications. There are two different locations which should be modified.

(1) To modify your path from the Windows control panel. Select System and then Advanced Settings. Add a path to the MinGW\bin directory.

(2) The MinGW compiler will typically be called from a bash shell program. A path should be added to your path environment which is located in the .bash_profile file. This file is normally found in the folder C:\Users\<user-name>.

Modify the path environment variable to include the directory where the MinGW executable is located.

export PATH=/bin:/c/MinGW/bin:$PATH

Building or Installing CopperSpice

Refer to the following pages for information about building the CopperSpice libraries from source.

Refer to the following page for information about installing the CopperSpice binary files.