CopperSpice Overview
Building for Windows (MinGW)

CopperSpice and C++ applications which use CopperSpice can be developed on Windows using a variation of the Unix GCC compiler. The Windows port of GCC is called MinGW.

In addition to the compiler there are a set of utilities which must be installed. The Windows operating system does not provide a Bourne shell as a standard component. In order to build CopperSpice and your application a shell program is required. This utility is installed as part of the MSYS project.

Utilities (MSYS)

CopperSpice was built using the MSYS utilities. If you decide to use our pre-built CopperSpice files to build your C++ applications, you will need to use MSYS for compatibility. This is our recommended approach.

MSYS provides a BASH utility and various other Unix tools designed to work with the MinGW version of GCC. The same version of MSYS is used for 32-bit and 64-bit systems

msys+7za+wget+svn+git+mercurial+cvs-rev13.7z Download MSYS

Path Setup

The Windows system environment path contains a list of where to look for applications. Both MSYS and MinGW must be added to your path. There are two different ways to do this.

(1) The first way is to modify your path from the Windows control panel. Select System and then Advanced Settings.

(2) Since MSYS and MinGW will only be used from the MSYS bash shell program the modified path is only necessary within the shell window. The path environment variable is read from the .bash_profile file when the shell program is started. This file is normally located in the folder C:\Users\<user-name>.

Modify the path variable to include where MSYS and MinGW reside. The notation for '/bin' is a bit unusual, but it actually means the \bin folder in your MSYS installation.

export PATH=/bin:/c/MinGW/bin:$PATH

Compiler (MinGW)

There are several different distributions of MinGW and we are currently using the "MinGW-Builds". The POSIX version must be used since the win32 version does not support modern C++ threads.

We have links on our the CopperSpice website to the recommended distribution of MinGW.

MinGW Distribution MinGW Files

Installing CopperSpice

Refer to the following pages about building CopperSpice from source or installing our CopperSpice binary files.