CopperSpice API  1.9.1
QDnsHostAddressRecord Class Reference

The QDnsHostAddressRecord class stores information about a host address record. More...

Public Methods

 QDnsHostAddressRecord ()
 QDnsHostAddressRecord (const QDnsHostAddressRecord &other)
 ~QDnsHostAddressRecord ()
QString name () const
QDnsHostAddressRecord & operator= (const QDnsHostAddressRecord &other)
QDnsHostAddressRecord & operator= (QDnsHostAddressRecord &&other)
void swap (QDnsHostAddressRecord &other)
quint32 timeToLive () const
QHostAddress value () const

Detailed Description

When performing an address lookup, zero or more records will be returned. Each record is represented by a QDnsHostAddressRecord instance.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QDnsHostAddressRecord::QDnsHostAddressRecord ( )

Constructs an empty host address record object.

QDnsHostAddressRecord::QDnsHostAddressRecord ( const QDnsHostAddressRecord &  other)

Constructs a copy of other.

QDnsHostAddressRecord::~QDnsHostAddressRecord ( )

Destroys a host address record.

Method Documentation

QString QDnsHostAddressRecord::name ( ) const

Returns the name for this record.

QDnsHostAddressRecord & QDnsHostAddressRecord::operator= ( const QDnsHostAddressRecord &  other)

Copy assigns from other and returns a reference to this object.

QDnsHostAddressRecord & QDnsHostAddressRecord::operator= ( QDnsHostAddressRecord &&  other)

Move assigns from other and returns a reference to this object.

void QDnsHostAddressRecord::swap ( QDnsHostAddressRecord &  other)

Swaps this host address record instance with other. This method is very fast and never fails.

quint32 QDnsHostAddressRecord::timeToLive ( ) const

Returns the duration in seconds for which this record is valid.

QHostAddress QDnsHostAddressRecord::value ( ) const

Returns the value for this host address record.