CopperSpice API  1.8.2
Help System


class  QHelpEvent
 Indicates a request for information about a particular widget More...
class  QStatusBar
 Horizontal area for presenting status information More...
class  QStatusTipEvent
 Event that is used to show messages in a status bar More...
class  QToolTip
 Tool tips (balloon help) for any widget More...
class  QWhatsThis
 Used to provide a simple help description of a widget More...
class  QWhatsThisClickedEvent
 Event that can be used to handle hyperlinks in a "What's This?" text More...

Detailed Description

There are three different types of online help you can add to your application.

Tool Tips and Status Bar message Flyweight help, extremely brief, entirely integrated into the user interface, requiring little or no user interaction to invoke
What's This? Lightweight help, can be a three-paragraph explanation
Online Help Can encompass any amount of information, maybe slower to call