CopperSpice API  1.7.2
List of Plugins

There are several plugin base classes and the derived plugins are stored in sub-directories of plugin search path. The following table summarizes the interfaces associated with each base class. If the Base Class does not have a link then this class is currently private and should not be inherited from. The class should only be used by the internal CopperSpice plugins.

The table also contains the file names of the CopperSpice plugins and their default locations. At run time a given plugin must be located in the listed directory unless it has been overridden by a cs.conf configuration file.

Interface CopperSpice Plugins (.so and .dll files) Default Directory Documentation Base Class
GUI Platform CsGuiXcb
/platforms Platform Support QPlatformIntegrationPlugin
Printer Support CsPrinterDriverCups
/printerdrivers Printer Support QPlatformPrinterSupportPlugin
XCB OpenGL CsGuiXcb_Glx /xcbglintegrations QXcbGlIntegration
Multimedia Player CsMultimedia_gst_audiodecoder, CsMultimedia_gst_mediaplayer
/mediaservices Multimedia QMediaServiceProviderPlugin
Playlist Formats CsMultimedia_m3u /playlistformats Multimedia QMediaPlaylistPlugin
Icon Engines /iconengines Icons, Images, and Pictures QIconEnginePlugin
Image Formats /imageformats Icons, Images, and Pictures QImageIOPlugin
Picture Formats /pictureformats Icons, Images, and Pictures QPictureFormatPlugin
SQL Support CsSqlPsql, CsSqlMySql /sqldrivers SQL Concepts QSqlDriverPlugin