CopperSpice API  1.8.1
QAccessibleBridge Class Referenceabstract

The QAccessibleBridge class is the base class for accessibility back-ends. More...

Public Methods

virtual ~QAccessibleBridge ()
virtual void notifyAccessibilityUpdate (QAccessibleEvent *event) = 0
virtual void setRootObject (QAccessibleInterface *object) = 0

Detailed Description

The QAccessibleBridge class is the base class for accessibility back-ends.

CopperSpice supports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), Mac OS X Accessibility, and the Unix/X11 AT-SPI standard. By subclassing QAccessibleBridge, you can support other backends than the predefined ones.

Currently, custom bridges are only supported on Unix. We might add support for them on other platforms as well if there is enough demand.

See also
QAccessible, QAccessibleBridgePlugin

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QAccessibleBridge::~QAccessibleBridge ( )

Destroys the accessibility bridge object.

Method Documentation

void QAccessibleBridge::notifyAccessibilityUpdate ( QAccessibleEvent event)
pure virtual

This method is called by CopperSpice to notify the bridge about a change in the accessibility information. The event specifies the interface, object, reason and child element which has changed.

See also
void QAccessibleBridge::setRootObject ( QAccessibleInterface object)
pure virtual

This function is called by CopperSpice at application startup to set the root accessible object of the application to object. All other accessible objects in the application can be reached by the client using object navigation.