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QAccessibleObject Class Reference

The QAccessibleObject class implements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects. More...

Inheritance diagram for QAccessibleObject:
QAccessibleInterface QAccessibleWidget

Public Methods

 QAccessibleObject (QObject *object)
QAccessibleInterfacechildAt (int x, int y) const override
bool isValid () const override
QObjectobject () const override
QRect rect () const override
void setText (QAccessible::Text text, const QString &str) override
- Public Methods inherited from QAccessibleInterface
QAccessibleActionInterfaceactionInterface ()
virtual QColor backgroundColor () const
virtual QAccessibleInterface * child (int index) const = 0
virtual int childCount () const = 0
virtual QAccessibleInterface * focusChild () const
virtual QColor foregroundColor () const
virtual int indexOfChild (const QAccessibleInterface *child) const = 0
virtual void * interface_cast (QAccessible::InterfaceType type)
virtual QAccessibleInterface * parent () const = 0
virtual QVector< QPair< QAccessibleInterface *, QAccessible::Relation > > relations (QAccessible::Relation match=QAccessible::AllRelations) const
virtual QAccessible::Role role () const = 0
virtual QAccessible::State state () const = 0
QAccessibleTableCellInterfacetableCellInterface ()
QAccessibleTableInterfacetableInterface ()
virtual QString text (QAccessible::Text t) const = 0
QAccessibleTextInterfacetextInterface ()
QAccessibleValueInterfacevalueInterface ()
virtual QWindowwindow () const

Protected Methods

virtual ~QAccessibleObject ()
- Protected Methods inherited from QAccessibleInterface
virtual ~QAccessibleInterface ()

Detailed Description

The QAccessibleObject class implements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects.

This class is mainly provided for convenience. All subclasses of the QAccessibleInterface that provide implementations of non-widget objects should use this class as their base class.

See also
QAccessible, QAccessibleWidget

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QAccessibleObject::QAccessibleObject ( QObject object)

Creates a QAccessibleObject for object.

QAccessibleObject::~QAccessibleObject ( )

Destroys the QAccessibleObject. This only happens when a call to release() decrements the internal reference counter to zero.

Method Documentation

QAccessibleInterface * QAccessibleObject::childAt ( int  x,
int  y 
) const

Reimplements QAccessibleInterface::childAt(int x, int y).

Implements QAccessibleInterface.

bool QAccessibleObject::isValid ( ) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::isValid().

Implements QAccessibleInterface.

QObject * QAccessibleObject::object ( ) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::object().

Implements QAccessibleInterface.

QRect QAccessibleObject::rect ( ) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::rect().

Implements QAccessibleInterface.

void QAccessibleObject::setText ( QAccessible::Text  text,
const QString str 

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::setText().

Implements QAccessibleInterface.