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QIconDragEvent Class Reference

Indicates a window icon drag has begun. More...

Inheritance diagram for QIconDragEvent:

Public Methods

 QIconDragEvent ()
- Public Methods inherited from QEvent
 QEvent (const QEvent &other)
 QEvent (Type type)
virtual ~QEvent ()
void accept ()
void ignore ()
bool isAccepted () const
QEvent & operator= (const QEvent &other)
void setAccepted (bool accepted)
bool spontaneous () const
Type type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QEvent
enum  Type
- Static Public Methods inherited from QEvent
static int registerEventType (int hint=-1)

Detailed Description

The QIconDragEvent class indicates a window icon drag has begun. Icon drag events are sent to widgets when the main icon of a window has been dragged away. On OS X, this happens when the proxy icon of a window is dragged off the title bar.

It is normal to begin using drag and drop in response to this event.

See also
Drag and Drop, QMimeData, QDrag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QIconDragEvent::QIconDragEvent ( )

Constructs an icon drag event object with the accept flag set to false.

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