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QMediaBindableInterface Class Referenceabstract

Base class for objects extending media objects functionality. More...

Inheritance diagram for QMediaBindableInterface:
QCameraImageCapture QGraphicsVideoItem QMediaPlaylist QMediaRecorder QRadioData QVideoWidget QAudioRecorder QCameraViewfinder

Public Methods

virtual ~QMediaBindableInterface ()
virtual QMediaObjectmediaObject () const = 0

Protected Methods

virtual bool setMediaObject (QMediaObject *object) = 0


class QMediaObject

Detailed Description

The QMediaBindableInterface class is the base class for objects extending media objects functionality

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMediaBindableInterface::~QMediaBindableInterface ( )

Destroys a media helper object.

Method Documentation

bool QMediaBindableInterface::setMediaObject ( QMediaObject object)
protectedpure virtual