CopperSpice API  1.9.1
QPlatformDrag Class Referenceabstract

The QPlatformDrag class provides an abstraction for drag.

Public Methods

 QPlatformDrag ()
virtual ~QPlatformDrag ()
QDragcurrentDrag () const
virtual Qt::DropAction defaultAction (Qt::DropActions possibleActions, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers) const
virtual Qt::DropAction drag (QDrag *m_drag) = 0
virtual bool ownsDragObject () const
virtual QMimeDataplatformDropData () = 0
void updateAction (Qt::DropAction action)

Static Public Methods

static QPixmap defaultPixmap ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QPlatformDrag::QPlatformDrag ( )

Additional documentation pending.

QPlatformDrag::~QPlatformDrag ( )

Additional documentation pending.

Method Documentation

QDrag * QPlatformDrag::currentDrag ( ) const

Additional documentation pending.

Qt::DropAction QPlatformDrag::defaultAction ( Qt::DropActions  possibleActions,
Qt::KeyboardModifiers  modifiers 
) const

Additional documentation pending.

QPixmap QPlatformDrag::defaultPixmap ( )

Additional documentation pending.

Qt::DropAction QPlatformDrag::drag ( QDrag m_drag)
pure virtual

Additional documentation pending.

bool QPlatformDrag::ownsDragObject ( ) const

Returns bool indicating whether QPlatformDrag takes ownership and therefore responsibility of deleting the QDrag object passed in from QPlatformDrag::drag. This can be useful on platforms where QDrag object has to be kept around.

QMimeData * QPlatformDrag::platformDropData ( )
pure virtual

Additional documentation pending.

void QPlatformDrag::updateAction ( Qt::DropAction  action)

Called to notify QDrag about changes of the current action.