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QPrintEngine Class Referenceabstract

Defines an interface for how QPrinter interacts with a given printing subsystem. More...

Inherited by QPdfPrintEngine, QPreviewPaintEngine, QWin32PrintEngine

Public Types

enum  PrintEnginePropertyKey

Public Methods

virtual ~QPrintEngine ()
virtual bool abort () = 0
virtual int metric (QPaintDevice::PaintDeviceMetric id) const = 0
virtual bool newPage () = 0
virtual QPrinter::PrinterState printerState () const = 0
virtual QVariant property (PrintEnginePropertyKey key) const = 0
virtual void setProperty (PrintEnginePropertyKey key, const QVariant &value) = 0

Detailed Description

The QPrintEngine class defines an interface for how QPrinter interacts with a given printing subsystem. The common case when creating your own print engine is to derive from both QPaintEngine and QPrintEngine. Various properties of a print engine are given with property() and set with setProperty().

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Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum is used to communicate properties between the print engine and QPrinter. A property may or may not be supported by a given print engine.

QPrintEngine::PPK_CollateCopies0A boolean value indicating whether the printout should be collated or not.
QPrintEngine::PPK_ColorMode1Refers to QPrinter::ColorMode, either color or monochrome.
QPrintEngine::PPK_Creator2A string describing the document's creator.
QPrintEngine::PPK_Duplex21A boolean value indicating whether both sides of the printer paper should be used for the printout.
QPrintEngine::PPK_DocumentName3A string describing the document name in the spooler.
QPrintEngine::PPK_FontEmbedding19A boolean value indicating whether data for the document's fonts should be embedded in the data sent to the printer.
QPrintEngine::PPK_FullPage4A boolean describing if the printer should be full page or not.
QPrintEngine::PPK_NumberOfCopies5Obsolete. An integer specifying the number of copies. Use PPK_CopyCount instead.
QPrintEngine::PPK_Orientation6Specifies a QPrinter::Orientation value.
QPrintEngine::PPK_OutputFileName7The output file name as a string. An empty file name indicates that the printer should not print to a file.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PageOrder8Specifies a QPrinter::PageOrder value.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PageRect9A QRect specifying the page rectangle
QPrintEngine::PPK_PageSize10Obsolete. Use PPK_PaperSize instead.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PaperRect11A QRect specifying the paper rectangle.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PaperSource12Specifies a QPrinter::PaperSource value.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PaperSources22Specifies more than one QPrinter::PaperSource value.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PaperSizePPK_PageSizeSpecifies a QPrinter::PaperSize value.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PrinterName13A string specifying the name of the printer.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PrinterProgram14A string specifying the name of the printer program used for printing,
QPrintEngine::PPK_Resolution15An integer describing the dots per inch for this printer.
QPrintEngine::PPK_SupportedResolutions17A list of integer QVariant describing the set of supported resolutions that the printer has.
QPrintEngine::PPK_SuppressSystemPrintStatus20Suppress the built-in dialog for showing printing progress. As of 4.1 this only has effect on Mac OS X where, by default, a status dialog is shown.
QPrintEngine::PPK_WindowsPageSize18An integer specifying a DM_PAPER entry on Windows.
QPrintEngine::PPK_CustomPaperSize23A QSizeF specifying a custom paper size in the QPrinter::Point unit.
QPrintEngine::PPK_PageMargins24A QList<QVariant> containing the left, top, right and bottom margin values.
QPrintEngine::PPK_CopyCount25An integer specifying the number of copies to print.
QPrintEngine::PPK_SupportsMultipleCopies26A boolean value indicating whether or not the printer supports printing multiple copies in one job.
QPrintEngine::PPK_CustomBase0xff00Basis for extension.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QPrintEngine::~QPrintEngine ( )

Destroys the print engine.

Method Documentation

bool QPrintEngine::abort ( )
pure virtual

Instructs the print engine to abort the printing process. Returns true if successful, otherwise returns false.

int QPrintEngine::metric ( QPaintDevice::PaintDeviceMetric  id) const
pure virtual

Returns the metric for the given id.

bool QPrintEngine::newPage ( )
pure virtual

Instructs the print engine to start a new page. Returns true if the printer was able to create the new page, otherwise returns false.

QPrinter::PrinterState QPrintEngine::printerState ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the current state of the printer being used by the print engine.

QVariant QPrintEngine::property ( PrintEnginePropertyKey  key) const
pure virtual

Returns the print engine's property specified by key.

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void QPrintEngine::setProperty ( PrintEnginePropertyKey  key,
const QVariant value 
pure virtual

Sets the print engine's property specified by key to the given value.

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