CopperSpice API  1.8.2
QSupportedWritingSystems Class Reference

Used when registering fonts with the internal fontdatabase. More...

Public Methods

 QSupportedWritingSystems ()
 QSupportedWritingSystems (const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)
 ~QSupportedWritingSystems ()
QSupportedWritingSystems & operator= (const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)
void setSupported (QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem, bool supported=true)
bool supported (QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem) const

Detailed Description

This class provides an interface for indicating what writing systems a specific font supports.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSupportedWritingSystems::QSupportedWritingSystems ( )

Constructs a new object to handle supported writing systems.

QSupportedWritingSystems::QSupportedWritingSystems ( const QSupportedWritingSystems &  other)

Constructs a copy of the other writing systems object.

QSupportedWritingSystems::~QSupportedWritingSystems ( )

Destroys the supported writing systems object.

Method Documentation

QSupportedWritingSystems & QSupportedWritingSystems::operator= ( const QSupportedWritingSystems &  other)

Copy assigns from other and returns a reference to this object.

void QSupportedWritingSystems::setSupported ( QFontDatabase::WritingSystem  writingSystem,
bool  supported = true 

Sets or clears support for the specified writingSystem based on the value given by supported.

See also
bool QSupportedWritingSystems::supported ( QFontDatabase::WritingSystem  writingSystem) const

Returns true if the writing system specified by writingSystem is supported, otherwise returns false.

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