CopperSpice API  1.9.1
QIconEngine::AvailableSizesArgument Class Reference

Structure which represents arguments to the virtual_hook() function. More...

Public Members

QIcon::Mode mode
QList< QSizesizes
QIcon::State state

Detailed Description

This structure represents additional arguments to the virtual_hook() function when the id parameter is equal to the enum value QIconEngine::AvailableSizesHook.

See also
virtual_hook(), QIconEngine::IconEngineHook

Member Data Documentation

QIcon::Mode QIconEngine::AvailableSizesArgument::mode

This variable holds the requested mode of an image.

See also
QList< QSize > QIconEngine::AvailableSizesArgument::sizes

Hold a list of image sizes that are available with the specified mode and state. This is an output parameter and is filled after call to virtual_hook(). Engines that work in terms of a scalable, vectorial format normally return an empty list.

QIcon::State QIconEngine::AvailableSizesArgument::state

This variable holds the requested state of an image.

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