CopperSpice API  1.7.4
QJsonParseError Class Reference

Used to report errors during JSON parsing. More...

Public Types

enum  ParseError

Public Methods

QString errorString () const

Detailed Description

The QJsonParseError class is used to report errors during JSON parsing.

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JSON Support

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum describes the type of error that occurred during the parsing of a JSON document.

QJsonParseError::NoError0No error occurred
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedObject1 An object is not correctly terminated with a closing curly bracket
QJsonParseError::MissingNameSeparator2A comma separating different items is missing
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedArray3 The array is not correctly terminated with a closing square bracket
QJsonParseError::MissingValueSeparator4 A colon separating keys from values inside objects is missing
QJsonParseError::IllegalValue5The value is illegal
QJsonParseError::TerminationByNumber6The input stream ended while parsing a number
QJsonParseError::IllegalNumber7The number is not well formed
QJsonParseError::IllegalEscapeSequence8An illegal escape sequence occurred in the input
QJsonParseError::IllegalUTF8String9An illegal UTF-8 sequence occurred in the input
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedString10A string was not terminated with a quote
QJsonParseError::MissingObject11An object was expected but could not be found
QJsonParseError::DeepNesting12The JSON document is too deeply nested for the parser to parse it
QJsonParseError::DocumentTooLarge13The JSON document is too large for the parser to parse it

Method Documentation

QString QJsonParseError::errorString ( ) const

Returns the human-readable message appropriate to the reported JSON parsing error.

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