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QStyleOptionGraphicsItem Class Reference

Stores parameters used to draw a QGraphicsItem. More...

Inheritance diagram for QStyleOptionGraphicsItem:

Public Types

enum  StyleOptionType
enum  StyleOptionVersion
- Public Types inherited from QStyleOption
enum  OptionType
enum  StyleOptionType
enum  StyleOptionVersion

Public Methods

 QStyleOptionGraphicsItem ()
 QStyleOptionGraphicsItem (const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &other)
QStyleOptionGraphicsItem & operator= (const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &other) = default
- Public Methods inherited from QStyleOption
 QStyleOption (const QStyleOption &other)
 QStyleOption (int version=QStyleOption::Version, int type=SO_Default)
 ~QStyleOption ()
void initFrom (const QWidget *widget)
QStyleOption & operator= (const QStyleOption &other)

Static Public Methods

static qreal levelOfDetailFromTransform (const QTransform &worldTransform)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Members inherited from QStyleOption
int type
int version

Detailed Description

The QStyleOptionGraphicsItem class is used to describe the parameters needed to draw a QGraphicsItem.

See also
QStyleOption, QGraphicsItem::paint()

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum is used to hold information about the type of the style option, and is defined for each QStyleOption subclass.

QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::TypeSO_GraphicsItem The type of style option provided (SO_GraphicsItem for this class).

The type is used internally by QStyleOption, its subclasses, and qstyleoption_cast() to determine the type of style option. In general you do not need to worry about this unless you want to create your own QStyleOption subclass and your own styles.

See also

This enum is used to hold information about the version of the style option, and is defined for each QStyleOption subclass.


The version is used by QStyleOption subclasses to implement extensions without breaking compatibility. If you use qstyleoption_cast(), you normally do not need to check it.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::QStyleOptionGraphicsItem ( )

Constructs an empty QStyleOptionGraphicsItem.

QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::QStyleOptionGraphicsItem ( const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &  other)

Copy constructs a new QStyleOptionGraphicsItem from other.

Method Documentation

qreal QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::levelOfDetailFromTransform ( const QTransform worldTransform)

Returns the level of detail from the worldTransform.

Its value represents the maximum value of the height and width of a unity rectangle, mapped using the worldTransform of the painter used to draw the item. By default, if no transformations are applied, its value is 1. If zoomed out 1:2, the level of detail will be 0.5, and if zoomed in 2:1, its value is 2.

QStyleOptionGraphicsItem & QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::operator= ( const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &  other)

Copy assigns from other and returns a reference to this object.